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UK Forced Adoptions



From Parliament – We must protect intercountry adoption practices

Interview on Australian Adoption Policy with Radio Adelaide Breakfast

Adoption in Cambodia 2020

Reuters rehoming investigation

Ethiopia Part 1– Out of 30 adoptees 9 are homeless in Seattle


Ethiopia Part 2 – American family with 18 children rescued 5 Ethiopian children who were abandoned


The sustainability of adoption – Panel 1


Is adoption constructed in the best interests of the child: A discussion between adoptees – Panel 2



Fly Away Home – Documentary by Foreign Correspondent – a must see on Ethiopian adoption


Paper Orphans – Documentary on intercountry adoption when basic safeguards are not in place


Richard Wilkinson on How economic inequality harms societies. Also hear Richard on Podsocs. @equalitytrust

Michael Marmot on health inequalities and self-control. Free Thinking Festival 2013.

Sir Michael mamot

Sir Michael Marmot

Liz Beddoe discusses best practice in professional supervision in the helping professions. Also hear Liz on Podsocs.  @BeddoeE


Jan Fook in the Czech Republic on the importance of critical refection. Also hear Jan on Podsocs


Frederic Reamer on the Psychotherapy Networker discussing professional boundaries and ethics. Also hear Rick on Podsocs.


Kathryn Joyce, author of ‘The child catchers: Rescuing, trafficking and the new gospel of adoption’. Kathryn Joyce discusses the realities of adoption in a Point of Inquiry podcast  KathrynJoyce

Worth listening to – Worldview talks about citizenship for adoptees in the US and the history of adoption

Social Work Podcasts





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