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Danijel Vrgoc

Frontend Developer

Danijel Vrgoc

Danijel is a Frontend Developer - his mission is to breathe in life into design and make communication with end user happen.

Unusual combination of classes he attended confirms his knowledge and familiarity with a number of perspectives one can have about web.


Before he graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, he got a degree in web development from a local educational institution. He later on continued exploring classes about web design, Zend and web administration. Can you see why we mentioned various perspectives?

His passion for web development pushed him into learning how to handle different platforms and he is now Wordpress, Symfony 2 and Magento Padawan (hoping to be a Magento Jedi!).

During his college years, he was an american football referee. Nowadays, he enjoys having a barbecue with his friends and watching stand up comedies. That is his recipe for having a good time!

Latest posts by Danijel Vrgoc

Reindex only required indexers in Magento 2 from CLI

Don’t you just love it when you change some config option or switch to another branch or something similar and all of a sudden, a warning message pops up in Admin, saying:

One or more indexers are invalid. Make sure your Magento cron job is running.

Well, if you “love” it as much as I do, I’m going to show you how to address the particular indexer(s) without any hassle of knowing which one caused the warning to appear in the first place. Continue reading

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