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Maja Kokolari


Maja Kokolari

As a CMO here at Inchoo, Maja is focusing on developing and leading Inchoo's marketing strategy and directing the execution of various marketing activities.

We can definitely say Maja is a natural problem solver. She actively supports the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” phrase. If you ask her, keeping the focus on the results of your work is far more important than the hours spent behind the desk.

Maja started her career in Inchoo as an eCommerce sales manager, so she had an amazing chance to learn firsthand about our industry, market, and clients. Before arriving at Inchoo, Maja worked at a destination management company as a business development manager, which allowed her to develop different managerial skills. She also traveled the world on cruise ships while working as a fully certified Yoga, Pilates, and Spinning instructor, and she plans to return to cruisers and travel, but only as a guest.

Her guilty pleasure is to chill after a busy day watching Netflix. She says movies based on true stories are her favorites. Since her teenage years, she always wanted to be a part of IT. Although she didn’t see how that would be possible since she’s not a developer. Here she is. In IT. But in marketing - a great position for someone who truly loves technology, but is also great with people and understanding their needs.

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