Being in the Magento world from its very beginning, we can say we are one of the most experienced teams you can find. We have worked with clients from almost all continents who needed Magento development services of highest quality.

We made custom eCommerce solutions that successfully delivered needed features for a successful eCommerce business. We have built flexible Magento systems that provided proper handling of multiple product attributes, increased conversion rate, lower cart abandonment rate, increased organic visitors, implemented proper user experience, and increased revenue.

We have established an efficient and transparent development process. This helps us in ensuring that deadlines are met and completed within budget. In over 13 years of development business we have worked with more than 270 satisfied clients.

Now is your chance to be one of those satisfied clients!

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We are Professional Magento Solutions Partner

As Magento Solution Partner, we are an experienced and successful provider of Magento eCommerce web solutions. We also play an important role in the continued global growth and adoption of this open source eCommerce platform. Our expertise with Magento platform has been further tested and proven as we are actively involved in the official certification programs.


Over 200 satisfied clients
Over 13 years of eCommerce development
Over 30 Magento certificates under one roof
Enabling more than $200M annual online revenue for our clients

Passion-driven agency

We have been involved with Magento almost right from its start back in 2008 when we first fall in love with it. Yes, we have gone through all of its versions, quirks and patches. And our passion is reflected in sharing those experiences with the development community via our blog.

It would not be an overstatement when we say that because of our knowledge sharing, we have become one of the world’s most recognized Magento agencies.

Our passion is also represented through our work during 13+ years of eCommerce development. In that time we have collected a vast amount of knowledge. And that knowledge, along with experience & know-how, means quicker problem solving for our clients and their eCommerce businesses.

Our Methodology for eCommerce web development

We follow a variant of agile software methodology. This, in simple terms, means that we focus on getting things moving quickly, rather than planning for lengthy scenarios that we cannot adequately predict.

Magento web development is an extremely complex area, and one that is changing on a daily basis. Our clients don’t need to know all those changes – this is our job. Because we keep a close eye on the most recent changes in the Magento ecosystem and actively participate in the Magento community, we have all the knowledge and experience that will bring you the best results.

We believe that some of the main advantages of using our methodology are:


There is constant communication between our clients and us. This means that the clients have a much better understanding of how the entire process is set-up and that allows issues to be resolved much quicker.

If the client can ask questions, receive clarifications and ideas can be discussed, then this is much more likely to produce the result that the client wants.

Expert Developers

Our developers are amongst the most talented Magento developers in the world and we believe that if they are given some creative freedom as opposed to being tied to a fixed set of requirements and a fixed quote, they will be able to suggest even more unique, creative, high quality solutions for your project.

We know Magento


Our experience with previous clients shows that the cost of your project will be significantly reduced by the use of agile methodology. This is because your project is constantly being refined and managed, meaning you get the results that you want, in a shorter period of time.

Goal-Driven Change

Yes, changes during an eCommerce project are seen as positive in our methodology! Unlike traditional methods whereby change requests are costly with major time delays, you have the chance to change whatever can improve (chance to fulfill) your business goals.

We believe in flexibility. However, each project is unique to us and as such, each project is handled based on the needs and requests of the client.

Post-Production Support

You will not be left alone once your project is finished. This is because we are interested in building long-lasting relationships. This simple truth is also incorporated in our agency vision:

Our motto is that we are “a merchant’s best friend“.

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Customer-based Magento Development Services

The truth is simple. What may be good for the majority of businesses may not be good for you. One of the most important things in developing, or optimizing, Magento eCommerce websites is to strike a chord with your customers.

This is why we first try to familiarize ourselves with your customers. Only after that, we are thinking on how to create a unique custom developed Magento store that is more functional, and more customer experience driven than the generic solutions.

In essence, a personalized, or user-centric, website design is essential in the growing world of eCommerce. Our designers are certified in giving your website just that. We are building websites for human users – because of that, a proper UX design is a must-have.

We also strive to continuously improve our process of building Magento stores, and make it as optimized as possible for the purpose of delivering on projected goals. Time and quality-wise.

What makes us different?

Passion and understanding.

Passion for quality-focused work & deep understanding of business needs and goals for every client.

Some of the results for our clients speak for themselves:

Total Revenue
Zee&CoMarket: UK
Direct Online Revenue
Packaging PriceMarket: USA
B2B, Packaging
eCommerce Conversion Rate
Shop4runnersMarket: Europe
Sports merchandise and equipment

Why you can rely on us

  • Focus

We are focused on one thing. And that is 100% satisfaction for both you and us. And to come to 100% satisfaction, everything we do must be thoroughly checked and rechecked for 100% quality. To reach that level of quality, we must be 100% focused on your needs, your (future) customers, and our work.

  • Expertise

Although Magento is primarily perceived as an eCommerce platform, we have also successfully implemented it in other areas with great success for our clients. Because of our experience, we are confident that we can deliver on your idea – whatever it is. Being with this platform from its start gives us a solid foundation for creating the best possible web solutions.

  • Transparent

We are always open in our communications. You will have access to all our processes regarding your project. And if you have any questions – we will gladly answer it. Your dedicated project manager(s) will provide timely updates about your project and give you any information you need.

  • Time-frame

Time is money. We reckon that you have heard this saying before. So as we. Because of that, we are always trying to meet agreed deadlines by any means necessary. But not on account of quality. Because we do not deliver half-finished projects. We have greatly improved our efficiency during 13 years of experience.

Development Cost

Are you different from your competitors? …from every single client we have already worked with?

Of course you are different. You are you.

That’s why we do not have fixed plans and pricing for Magento websites as we approach each of our client’s needs individually. That helps us to prepare proposals that are the best fit for both sides.

In our proposals you will always find a customized solution which will:

  • completely cover your business needs
  • help you to stand out from your competition
  • effectively maximize your revenue
  • increase your conversion rate
  • increase user experience of your customers
  • increase overall satisfaction
  • give you our guidance and support

Yes, we have 13+ years of eCommerce development behind us, and when we talk about Magento – we know what we are talking about.

And when you get to know us you will see that we are pretty laid-back and interesting group of people…

…who know their job and have experience to deliver the best results possible.

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