Results from Magento website development services are closely related to how good development process is set-up. With over 13 years of experience in eCommerce development – we have been optimizing that process constantly.

11 years experience

And optimization of this process never stops. Because our goal is 100% client satisfaction.

Even though this is a never-ending work, it is quite simple at its core. It consists of several steps that answer one simple question: How to develop high quality eCommerce website in Magento?

We know Magento

1. Business analysis

Every business has a specific story. Your potential customers and audience are also specific. That’s why our first step is to get familiar with your business model, customers, target audience and channels.

The more we know about your business, the more successful we will be in the creative process.

Inchoo business analysis

It is very important to have open communication during this phase.
We consider it one of the most important things in a business relationship. If there are no unresolved questions – then we have a great chance of developing a website that will reach its goals.

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2. Building Magento website

2.1. Magento website development planning

Building starts with the planning phase – where we conceptualize the information and ideas we collected in the previous step and set a plan for the creative process.

This is the best moment to assess and make decisions with regards to design, feature flow, content planning, and development. By planning the website features prior to design work, it gives the team a bigger picture of the new Magento website that is coming together.

Timeline and Project Evaluation
The project timeline gets divided into high-level milestones, which usually represent larger components being finished or website release dates.

Within each of these milestones are short-term iterations. Each iteration begins with a kick-off meeting, during which the features from the last iteration are tested and evaluated, and a certain number of new features are chosen for development in the upcoming iteration.

Research and planning for the design phase
The successful design process starts with a comprehensive research and planning phase.

To create a seamless user experience, we need to see, analyze and understand how your users interact with your website. We use data from analytical tools to indicate weaknesses and to understand how the customers really use the website.

Based on the information gathered, we are ready to start with wireframing. Wireframing allows us to focus on the main groups of the website content, the site structure, and user flows.

Wireframes should contain a representation of every important piece of the final website. For easier understanding, we use interactive prototypes that can easily be shared with our team and clients.

Building Magento Website Inchoo

2.2. Magento website design

By following your visual identity, designers are creating a visual appearance of your future website. Design at Inchoo is not perceived as a common use of graphic design, centered only around the visual aspect.

In the heart of our practice of user-centered design lies heavy crunching of numbers and data, researching users and understanding how they interact with the web to provide them with the information they want or need.

We also pay special attention to details following industry best practices. Once the design phase is complete, the frontend part of development can begin. Throughout the project lifecycle, designers are providing quality assurance for the visuals.

Looking from the users’ point of view
By looking from users’ point of view and by placing ourselves in their shoes, we are achieving a user-centered design which is essential for the success of any eCommerce store.

With a highly contextual design mentality we are building user experiences that are easy to use, so that we ensure meeting the needs and desires of website visitors.

Design for all platforms and devices
Today, more than 50% of all online traffic is on mobile.

desktop vs mobile usage

All those mobile users are your potential customers.

This is why we make sure we are providing the best possible user experience, regardless of the platform, resolution or device.

Design at Inchoo is all about conversion rates and helping you grow your business. We create visually appealing eCommerce stores that welcome your visitors and convert them into customers.

The end goal of the design process at Inchoo is to make the shopping experience easy and natural. So that the users can focus on what is most important to them – enjoying the shopping experience from the comfort of their homes or even on the go.

2.3. Magento ecommerce website development

As we want to establish an efficient process early on, we start with the development phase immediately after planning.

In this phase, frontend and backend developers join forces in building high-performing Magento websites.

Constant testing during this phase is the insurance that everything will be delivered according to the plan.

Here are some of the principles we use in the development phase:

Magento Commerce Development



Achieving the goal of having a fast website starts from day one. The solution for fast Magento is to build features and the theme with performance in mind.


Best practices

We pay special attention to follow Magento website development best practices in order to make the system easily scalable and upgradeable. Shortcuts in development process are not an option.



At all times we clearly differentiate assumptions from data-driven facts. Measuring the effects of everything we do is a part of our working culture.

ptailored solutions

Tailored solutions over generic extensions

Magento extensions overuse is a plague for your store and your business. Poorly written extensions slow down the website and can provide security threats, as well as slow down the maintenance process.

keep it simple

Keep it simple

Simple is not always quick. But simple can lead to the more effective fulfillment of your website goals.

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3. Growing your Magento website

The job is not finished when a new Magento website goes live. That’s the time when we start a new phase. The phase of growing your website.

In it, we start collecting new insights on how visitors are using the new website. Based on that data we are, in collaboration with you, setting new goals for the ongoing optimization.

The main goal of this continuous process is making the site more easy to use and the customers happier and willing to buy more, and more often.

The job is not finished when a new Magento website goes live. That is the time when we star ta new phase. The phase of growing your website.

We are using the following techniques to attract new customers or engage the existing ones:

3.1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In over 13 years of SEO practice for eCommerce businesses, our clients have never been hit by Google penalties. The reason is simple – we don’t break any rules and guidelines provided by Google.

We take your website business very seriously. That’s the reason we don’t take shortcuts – we create improvements that pay off in the long run.

On-site SEO
Every month we focus on one area of your website. We analyze everything that can influence your SEO rankings. From keyword research to titles, H tags, image ALT tags, and content.

After analysis, we proceed with making data-driven decisions on what needs to be optimized. With this service, your website’s organic search revenue is constantly improving section by section, month in, month out.

Off-site SEO monitoring
We monitor your new backlinks every month to make sure you’re not gaining any bad links. In case we see any bad backlinks we disavow them preemptively before you get in trouble.

SEO Monitoring Inchoo

3.2. Improving User Experience

We use Google Analytics and other tools at our disposal to make data-driven decisions on how to improve your users’ experience on the website, increase conversion rates, lower cart abandonment, and lower bounce rates.

We monitor visitor trends on different device types to understand how customers are interacting with the website. With these insights, we suggest appropriate updates and changes.

We design and implement split tests using several tools when it is necessary to test our and your ideas and see which changes should be implemented on the website.

3.3. PPC Management & Advanced Analytics

The difference between other PPC management agencies and Inchoo is that we are primarily eCommerce specialists. We mainly work with Magento eCommerce businesses, which enables us to concentrate on what’s important for your business. This approach gives us enough time to stay up to date with the latest techniques and industry standards in the world of eCommerce PPC management.

google premier partner badge

Google Shopping Management
To capitalize on the full potential of Google Shopping, one must fully understand the taxonomy of the product niche he is advertising and must ensure the Shopping Feed structure follows the campaign segmentation strategy.

Magento Advanced Analytics with Google Tag Manager
We use Google Tag Manager as a data broker – from reading each pageview, session, user data and interaction data (events) to pouring that data to any number of channels. From Universal Analytics with custom dimensions and custom metrics to data rich tracking pixels for social networks and (dynamic) remarketing services to uplift your sales and user experience. With these tools we are collecting data to help us grow your revenue!

4. Reporting

Every month we create a report for you that includes an overview of all the actions we’ve taken in a month, all of the changes that were implemented, and all of the new data-driven conclusions we came to.

We also report on how the changes we implemented in the previous month reflected on your website’s performance and revenue.

Reporting Inchoo

This is a short overview of our Magento website development process. During our 13 years of experience, we have optimized it over and over again.

Now it’s your chance to use that experience and hire us to build your website!