Should I upgrade to Google Analytics 4


Briefly, yes. In this blog post, you will find out how and why you should start using the GA4 property parallel with Universal Analytics (UA/GA3).

There are many how-to blog posts out there, so this will not be yet another one. Instead of the technical step-by-step guidance, I’ll share my experience with implementing GA4 with Google Tag Manager (GTM) and what to keep in mind when activating the GA4 property.

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How to get ready for Black Friday


Magento merchants (and other eCommerce business owners) all over the world are starting the holiday season with one big (probably red) mark on their calendar – THE Black Friday. Here are a bunch of helpful tips on setting up your eCommerce store, SEO & PPC strategy, and making important hosting adjustments in order to go through this period as smoothly as possible.

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How much does an eCommerce site cost?

How much does an ecommerce website cost?

We have been getting so many questions on how much an online store cost? Let us give you a short overview of all factors influencing online store pricing to clarify things.

First of all, there is no one size fits all solution. So be aware there is no short answer to the question. How come?

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3 best open-source eCommerce platforms in 2021

top 3 open-source platforms

If you are a business owner who has decided to start an online business, one of the most important things you need to decide on which platform you will begin your eCommerce store.

Every business is a story for itself, and the beauty of eCommerce is that almost everybody can find the best solution and platform for themselves. Every merchant has their preferences regarding the choice of software to set up their store.

Before choosing the right platform, you need to take a step back and understand the fundamental differences between the SaaS and Open-source models.

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Technology trends in eCommerce for 2021

technology trends ecommerce 2021 inchoo

At this moment, in all corners of the world, someone is either buying something online for the first time or casually scrolling through a product feed, doing the research before making a purchase in a brick and mortar shop, or completing their third order of the day. We have come to a long way, customers and merchants alike, from the beginning of online shopping and selling in 1995.

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Reindex only required indexers in Magento 2 from CLI

Reindex only required indexers

Don’t you just love it when you change some config option or switch to another branch or something similar and all of a sudden, a warning message pops up in Admin, saying:

One or more indexers are invalid. Make sure your Magento cron job is running.

Well, if you “love” it as much as I do, I’m going to show you how to address the particular indexer(s) without any hassle of knowing which one caused the warning to appear in the first place.

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Google shopping optimization: How to scale while maintaining ROAS

Google shopping optimization: How to scale while maintaining ROAS

While optimizing my clients’ campaigns, I often find myself browsing other people’s blog posts and researching their campaign optimization tactics. 

One of my recent hybrid tactics proved to work pretty well on some of my accounts, so I wanted to share it with you. It’s about scaling the shopping campaigns with automated bidding while keeping the same ROAS. I hope some of you will find it helpful to create your own hybrid tactic.

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Auto Applying Ad Suggestions in Microsoft Ads

Auto Applying Ad Suggestions in Microsoft Ads

Well, it did happen. After Google implemented auto applying ad suggestions, the time now has come for Microsoft to do the same. Of course, this is something that Microsoft is telling us is a good thing for your campaigns.

Now, you may ask yourself why is this a good thing?

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Top 5 things to keep in mind when approaching an eCommerce website redesign or planning an eCommerce feature

Top 5 things to think about while designing

So you’ve decided to do a complete site redesign or came to a conclusion your metrics don’t behave as you thought they would? Have you finally decided to implement that feature you’re sure will skyrocket your conversions?

Here are some common eCommerce design pitfalls we often see in the wild you think about when considering taking the next step in growing your eCommerce business.

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Build & optimize the FAQ page on your online store

Build & Optimize FAQ page

2020 was a year that brought significant changes to retail. The coronavirus pandemic spread across the world, and most countries introduced lockdowns to combat the spread of COVID-19. Due to lockdown and in order to survive the pandemic’s economic impact, many retailers decided to move their business online.

Along with that, there’s been a major shift in consumer behavior, where even people who never considered online shopping started to buy online. To make their purchasing journey as smooth as possible, It became more important than ever to provide accurate and detailed information that answers all their questions. The easiest way to do so is through the FAQ page.

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Skills to run an eCommerce business

Skills to run an eCommerce business featured image

What are the essential skills needed to run an eCommerce business? Starting, and then managing a business of any kind, is a dream for many people out there. But, how do you start? What do you need to know before starting an online business, and how can you build a team to help you grow? Read on to find out.

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Ecommerce in (and after) the Age of Covid – 5 Things Your Business Can Do To Thrive

Ecommerce in (and after) the Age of Covid – 5 Things Your Business Can Do To Thrive

Almost a whole year into the global coronavirus pandemic, its shocking impact on retail is evident and the eCommerce Boom of 2020 has been felt across industries.

For the first time ever, it basically doesn’t matter what your business model or preferred sales channel might be. Every business is put in a situation without alternative. Either make the most of your online sales or risk demise.

The pandemic has sparked a prolonged period of eCommerce adoption that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

What can your business do to still capitalize on this upsurge in eCommerce? With everything going on, how to know what to focus on? We give a little roundup and our best advices in this blog post.

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