Magento eCommerce Advanced Analytics

Data-driven decisions for your Magento eCommerce business depend solely on the quality of that data. Are you sure that your Google Analytics is giving you the right data? Is your Google Tag manager promptly configured? Do you know what to do with all data you collect?

A data-driven approach to eCommerce marketing

In order to make better business decisions regarding your eCommerce store, you need to streamline all of the data you generate towards business objectives. Tracking the “right” data and translating it into important insights is the work of our Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager specialist and Data Analyst.


Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Audit

Setting up objectives & KPIs for your eCommerce business is a big deal for both of us! Those objectives are about to be transferred into measurable performance metrics. Before we could do so, we need to audit your current Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup to make sure that they are in order.


Enhanced eCommerce with a Measurement plan

Now is the time to install and configure Google Tag Manager for Magento 2 store and enable enhanced eCommerce tracking. Your measurement plan will rely on many custom dimensions, metrics, events as well as custom visitor segments for reporting and remarketing purposes – which will be set for your business specifically and presented in the Google Data Studio.


eCommerce Data Analyzing, Testing & Optimizing

From providing you answers to what is going on in your eCommerce business through data monitoring, you will also get a deeper understanding of why. Through A/B testing with Google Optimize and Hotjar surveys, we will be able to predict what’s likely to happen and apply analytical techniques to provide you with recommended data-driven courses of action that need to be taken.

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension

We’ve developed our own Google Tag Manager for Magento 2 extension! This was a symbiotic work of Magento backend developers and Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager expert, backed up by a years of expertise. It’s not like we haven’t tried out extensions available on marketplace, but we needed something easily customizable for specific trackings and light on Magento performance.

The extension itself is free for our merchants! It comes as a must-have for all the projects we’re building from scratch or taking over with a development team. But we don’t mind if you have your own development team and any other Google Tag Manager extension. We’ve worked with the most of them and this doesn’t come as any obstacle for unlocking a plethora of new reports in Google Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce!

Magento eCommerce business analyst is here to

  • Give recommendations on how to increase eCommerce revenue
  • Prepare courses of actions on how to improve average order value
  • Support your (or our’s if you decide to go full service) PPC and SEO team with suggestions for their area
  • Monitor your store’s performance and work with the development team on fixes
  • Create remarketing segments in Google Analytics based on Magento user groups or any visitor, category or product attribute/behavior available
  • Recognize market standards and best practices in your industry niche

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