Get proper inshights on shopping behaviour of your visitors

Business decisions are made based on the data you have. Are you sure that the visitor’s behavior tracking setup and all other data that you receive from your Magento store are correct? The main goal of this audit is to answer the question of whether the tracking setup is properly configured and if the user behavior data that you’re receiving is accurate. If there’s space for improvement, with this audit you’ll get recommendations on what needs to be improved regarding the data collection keeping GDPR/CCPA and webshop performance in mind.

When we start to analyze your Magento store, we will prepare a specific recommendations for optimization of advanced GTM/GA tracking, Enhanced eCommerce setup, what additional eCommerce events you should start (or stop tracking) and how these recommendations can improve your e.g. marketing efforts in PPC campaigns, Magento store performance and more, which in the end will lead to revenue growth.

Google Analytics Audit

What if you don’t use Google Tag Manager?

If you are not using a GTM, we will suggest you do add Google Tag Manager to your Magento store. If you just want to check if your Google Analytics works fine (or want to know why it’s not working fine) we’ll help you and make an audit of your Google Analytics account. Doesn’t matter if you’re using Universal Analytics or GA4 property, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of your GA account setup. We’ll also give you recommendations on what your first GTM setup may look like and why.

What you’ll get with our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit report

With our Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics audit report, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of your account setup and recommendations for Advanced GTM/GA tracking, including:

  • A detailed analysis of your current setup
  • Recommendations for additional tracking using Google Analytics (UA or GA4) features and Google Tag Manager,
  • analysis of Goals configuration in your UA account
  • Site-search tracking analysis
  • eCommerce tracking configuration analysis of tags, triggers and variables
  • Events tracking setup (analysis and recommendations for advanced event tracking with Google Tag Manager)

Why should you choose us to audit your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager account?

Inchoo’s experts are primarily eCommerce specialists with extensive experience and knowledge in Advanced Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We know what’s important and how to track it in your analytics account.

Although you may be satisfied with the data you gather through your current UA/ setup, with Advanced Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you can get much more. Seize this opportunity to collect valuable information about your customers and product performance with a help from our analytics experts and improve your online sales.

We know Magento & Google Analytics!

Get top recommendations for your online store from our eCommerce experts.

Get your GA & GTM setup on track by following the recommendations you’ll get from our GA and GTM experts with this Audit. Let’s get started!