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Filip Svetlicic

Lead Frontend Developer

Filip Svetlicic

Filip is our respectful Lead Frontend Developer who enjoys working on complex and innovative projects, where his exceptional technical skills can come to life. One of our clients said about Filip: “The combination of his energy and motivation, outgoing personality and very detailed knowledge of his area of expertise guarantees an incredibly informative and productive conversation every time - and this happens often and regularly - he goes above and beyond his usual work assignments to contribute to the project.”

Before joining Inchoo, Filip worked at a creative media agency, where he developed websites, edited video commercials and created music for various ads and bands.

Filip has to clean his sneakers often because he enjoys playing tennis on Osijek’s red clay courts. When he’s not kicking the yellow ball with a racket and defeating his opponent, Filip enjoys spending his free time with his wife and kid, or in the studio, composing and creating electronic music. He is also known for his knowledge about movies and actors, especially if they’re from action genre.

Latest posts by Filip Svetlicic

How to improve usability for Magento 2 add to cart process

Magento 2 introduced a new and improved way for adding products to the cart. The system now offers complete asynchronous (ajax) process, although the process itself is not activated in default application state. It requires some manual adjustments in the script call inside the templates. Someone would think, ok, we will simply modify the template script calls and that’s it! We successfully improved the process. Unfortunately, not so fast! There is still more room left for improvement. If you’re interested, let’s find out what’s left on the table.

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