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Ljiljana Milkovic

Project Manager

Ljiljana Milkovic

This is Ljiljana. But she prefers Lily, ‘cause pronouncing her name can be a real tongue twister. :) Establishing a deep understanding of the client’s business, organizing the work for our teams, and making sure that Inchoo team builds the best eCommerce solution suited by the needs of our client, that’s Lily’s job as a Project Manager. She loves to say:” my goal is to make things more efficient. Whether that’s done by developing a new skill set, introducing a new business process, or through something just simple as a kind word.”

Her previous work positions gave her the opportunity to explore various fields and interests. Lily joined Inchoo from an interesting position - as a Head visual manager in retails, from where she discovered that she enjoys leadership and responsibilities. Her first work experience included management and cooperation of youth in EU projects and emigration in the EU, a program that was very dear to her heart. Afterward, her technical skills were sharpened when she was a part of the decision making team for web development on both sides; as the client and for the client.

She’s an adventurous soul who can find joy in every corner of the Earth. Getting a glimpse of the life of an Indonesian tribe, exploring Africa’s wilderness, or enjoying a luxury hotel, she’s up for it all! Her soul is happy and calm when she's experiencing new worlds and cultures. Considering mentioned, it’s no wonder she’s a licensed tourist guide of Inchoo’s home region Slavonia and Baranja, where she’s proud the most of our local hospitality towards visitors. And local cuisine. Best ammunition for bribing Lily? Chocolate.

Latest posts by Ljiljana Milkovic

How did we standardize Magento 2 frontend development?

Many Frontend developers in the Magento community felt a certain level of pain when they started working on their first Magento 2 project. So did we! “This is just a start. I will be faster on the next one“, was a common statement. However, new projects arrived and frontend development was still not as fast as it was with Magento 1.

To improve the speed, efficiency, joy of work and team synergy, our frontend team decided to refine our development processes. After a few completed projects, we got an idea of how to do things better and quicker. Modernizing the approach we’ve been using. Continue reading

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