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Vanja Devcic

Frontend Developer

Vanja Devcic

Vanja is Certified Frontend Developer. As designer in soul and in job, he likes to use his skills to change the world through digital experience using Adobe products, creating great UI and UX developed with latest web development tools and techniques. He also has rich background in Adaptive and Responsive design/layouts and showed his skills on few of Inchoo’s biggest projects.

Over the years, he’s gotten himself in all kinds of work related to IT, but most memorable is work in his family company as computer technician and web developer. His days were filled with creating and arranging web sites for small to medium sized companies as well as developing WordPress and Joomla websites and blogs.

When Vanja is away from the computer, believe it or not it’s not a rare occasion, he follows “in healthy body, healthy spirit” motto. Fitness and healthy eating are on top of his priorities. You can ask him anything about nutrition and nutrition supplements, and be sure that he’ll explain it clear and simple. As a philanthropist, Vanja is often having interesting conversations in good company, sitting on terrace, wearing his sunglasses and relaxing while some nice electronic tune is playing from the speakers.

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Magento 2 with Slick Carousel

Slick is a great Carousel plugin good for any product list like Most Popular, Featured, Upsell, Cross sell products, or any other custom product list. I will guide you with step by step on how to add Slick Carousel and apply it on product list widget on Homepage.

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