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Zoran Blagojevic

Backend Developer

Zoran Blagojevic

Zoran is Backend Developer who has skills and experience working with C, OpenMP, OpenCV, Procedural Language/Structured Query Language, MySQL and different Oracle products.

Zoran got his professional start working for an IT company where he was creating and maintaining database applications as Database Developer. For his master's thesis in Computer Science, he developed a program that compares and identifies fingerprints using a parallel computer system. Interesting theme, right?

From very young age, Zoran spent some of his free time volunteering at various workshops and projects of the Centre for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights in Osijek. To describe him in one sentence, we could say that he's philanthropist who loves board games, movies, reading or watching SF stuff, and is also a huge math fan.

Latest posts by Zoran Blagojevic

Product links on Magento CSV import

When I started working at Inchoo, one of our clients requested a functionality to be added to Magento CSV product import. Client wanted to know if an attribute value of one of the products that they were importing already had a matching value in the database and they also wanted to be able to jump to that product via link. Find out more about handling this specific situation. Continue reading

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