Magento 2 SEO Module

Drive traffic & conversions to your store with Magento 2 SEO best practices.

Why do you need an SEO module for Magento 2?

Inchoo’s Magento 2 SEO Module is the solution for advanced technical SEO setup on your store. It allows you to create additional rules for categories’ and products’ metadata. It also expands the ability to target long-tail keywords, adds custom pages to sitemap as well as allows for additional indexing options. All of this leads to improved organic traffic to your online store.


Advanced technical SEO for your Magento store

Expands the out-of-the-box Magento 2 eCommerce SEO features to allow you the best technical SEO setup and allow more efficient SEO optimization.


Adjustable to your specific needs

Our SEO module is not meant to be a plug-n-play solution as its true value lies in its adaptability to your eCommerce business.


Built by our Magento devs and SEO experts

Developed in a close collaboration of our in-house Magento devs and technical SEO specialists for our clients.

SEO practices from a technical point of view

By lasting on the market for 14 years and successfully finishing more than 500 projects, we know what it takes to migrate your website on Magento 2 and bring your store SEO health to the next level. From the beginning of the project, we want to implement the best SEO practices from a technical point of view.


What makes our Magento SEO Module unique?

  • We have added canonical tags and robots meta tags control on CMS pages.
  • We have added the possibility of changing meta robots to allow search engines to index the exact filter combination and to submit it in the sitemap
  • We have added the possibility to write down what parameters to put on no index to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • Product Pages Meta rules allows you to modify meta data of a certain product page based on a different combinations.
  • Gives you a quick solution for creating rule-based meta data for categories based on a combination of category, store_id and applied attribute filters.

What is the first step to getting our SEO Module?

Inchoo’s SEO Module is here to improve your Magento store SEO. In order to increase your website ranking and improve your SEO strategy, you need to make sure that your website is technically functional.

That is why Magento technical and SEO audit are the first and mandatory step in proper website optimization before setting up our SEO module on your eCommerce store.

eCommerce SEO Audit

Hire experts to get in-depth analysis of the state of your store’s technical SEO.

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Magento 2 Migration Services

You’re thinking of taking your store to the next level? With Inchoo as your partner and Magento 2 as the platform of the future – you can!

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Magento Technical Audit

Work with us to improve the performance and security of your Magento website – our Magento experts have you covered!

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