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Tomislav Bilic

Founder and CEO

Tomislav Bilic

Tomislav is a founder and CEO at Inchoo. At times when team was smaller, he worked as a developer and manager. Nowadays, it is only management. His goal is to organise a business, work on marketing and human resources.

During student days, as an active member of AIESEC student exchange organization, he was in charge of managing incoming students and IT department. Later he was a lecturer covering topics of website development and web programming (mostly PHP). In 2003, he founded Escape - web development company from Osijek, Croatia with two of his friends. He worked there for four years, during which time he gained expertise in building eCommerce solutions. He founded Inchoo in 2008, with a mission to become one of the leading eCommerce Enterprise Solution providers.

When Tomislav has some free time, he tries to use it for relaxation as much as possible. He never misses out a traditional Saturday morning coffee with old friends. Enjoys traveling - especially quick getaways, traditional cuisine (from most cultures), good wine and strong rakija.

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