A discussion between adoptees this weekend the 24th January

Check out the second panel on intercountry adoption produced by Pascal Huynh. The discussion will go live this weekend on the 24th January 2015. The youtube link for participation is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qoq6mVPeVw.

Is adoption constructed in the best interests of the child: a discussion between adoptees

Scheduled for Jan 24, 2015

This year, actress, director and producer Deborra-Lee Furness has been nominated as a finalist for the Australian of the Year Award for promoting adoption as a social progress. While adoption may end as a happy story for many adoptees and adoptive parents, it is not always the case. The social construction of adoption creates a range of experiences, not only positive and not only negative. To fully understand adoption, we must not dismiss any of those experiences and must be conscious of the ethical implications of this system.

In this second panel questioning the sustainability of the concept of adoption, adoptees will be given the chance to openly voice their criticism and expose their reality. The following panellists have been selected to invite the audience to observe some adoption issues.

In this panel, we will discuss:
– The black market of adoption in Australia in the 1950s
– The importance of being critical about adoption whether how good or bad was the adoptee’s experience.
– The false assumption that adoptees are automatically within good hands
– The adoptee’s fear of expressing criticism
– The cultural identity issues with intercountry adoption
– The ethical implications of creating a birth certificate under the adoptive parents’ names
– And much more

Join this 1 hour LIVE ONLINE EVENT regrouping a variety of Australian adoptees! In the last 15 minutes of the panel, we will be answering to your questions!

Instructions to post questions to the panellists:
1) Go to the Youtube Link:
2) You can write your question under the “comments” section.
3) Questions must be clear, concise and formulated with a question mark. Your question should start with “Why”, “What”, “How”, “Where”, “who”, “Is” or “Are”. Comments won’t be considered by panelists.


PENNY MACKIESON: Adoptee from the pre-1980s forced adoption era in Victoria. Social Worker; Member of the Committee of Management for VANISH (the Victorian Adoption Network for Information & Self Help);

WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY: Adoptee from the Australian 1950’s black market of adoption. Member of Adoption Origins Victoria political lobby group and co-administrator of Australian Stewardships Not Adoption Awareness Support Group on Facebok.

BRIAN CHERRY: Adoptee from the 1950s victim of abuse within adoptive family and out-of-home care. Administrator of the Royal Commission into Child Abuse Petition on Facebook.

DR. CATHERINE LYNCH: Adoptee from 1972. Administrator of activist group “Australian Adoptee Rights Action Group” on Facebook.

AMY JUNG: Australian inter-country adoptee from South Korea.

[Other panelists TBA]

Victoria and NSW: starting at 3pm on Sunday 25th of Dec 2015

Queensland: starting at 2pm on Sunday 25th of Dec 2015

Western Australia: starting at noon on Sunday 25th of Dec 2015

For more informative videos on adoption check out the See & Hear and Adoption ‘speaks’ pages of this blog


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