Is Furness’s obsession to ‘save the world’s orphans’ actually creating them?

A great post by the Adoption Alliance. If it wasn’t so dangerous, the ridiculous lengths some people go to for sensationalist publicity would be comical – as the desire for media attention gets more desperate, the facts become more twisted and claims more bizarre – you know the stuff you only read at the hairdresser – this recent story is a prime example. I don’t know one real expert that would support these claims. Self-proclamation does not an expert make. The extreme pro-adoption lobby (despite a re-branding to ‘advocates’) have always believed the media is the key to their success, what they don’t realise is Australia is awake up and most of the adoption community are embarrassed by them.

Apology Alliance Australia

The following is an excellent article containing the themes of my two earlier posts.  Wealthy and powerful persons, like the Furness’ of the world,  getting their own needs met by “saving” one child or orphan at a time whilst in the process creating black markets and child trafficking rings so causing harm to thousands of vulnerable children.

Every child has a distinctive family culture and heritage, whether born within or without a particular country.  Many adoptees say they always feel like an outsider whether they have been adopted domestically or from overseas. If anyone wants to read the litany of mental and physical health problems from which adoptees suffer whether or not they have had loving parents please read my article: The Broken Bond – under the heading  About on this Blog.

Therefore adoption should never be used to manufacture families for those who for whatever reason cannot have their own child or…

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