A social work Christmas

“Lying flat out like a lizard in the sun” usually doesn’t apply to social workers at Christmas. While the rest of the world seems to wind down, social work gets busier. When any long holiday approaches, “running around like a chook with its head cut off” is probably closer to the truth. Regardless of where social workers are, they make sure their clients have what they need over the holiday. So, this year I became curious about what’s on the internet about social work at Christmas.

There were only a few articles about social work among all the announcements about Christmas closures and opening times. xmas treeMost of them pointed out the difficult circumstances for the people social workers work with or drew attention to social conditions, disadvantage or breaches in human rights. Unfortunately, one or two portrayed social workers contriving elaborate plots to remove children at Christmas.

In 2011, a Social Care article pointed out that Christmas is not always a happy time and just how busy social workers are because of it. Families, addiction and how to survive the stress of the season was a focus for Social Work Today. Hope amid the impact of neoliberalism and a return to the Victorian era also got a mention.

The following year, the Social Work Helper reminded us about the violation of gay rights in Uganda. The Daily Mail told us who would be working Christmas Day in the UK and the British Association of Social Work reminded us about our online activities and professional boundaries – good to remember every year!.

I had to go back six years to find anything remotely light about social work at Christmas when 10 social work jokes from community care crackers  was published.

So for this year everybody, stay safe, enjoy and try a bit of self-care!


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